Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Probably going to do a whole new blog and stick with it. You know, deleting this one, working up a supportive "reader base," then creating a new one that will just generally be better and more consistent. I know, I know, I can never keep up with a blog, but seriously, if I just had the DIGITAL CAMERA like I was supposed to have for this one, this never would have happened! I stand by what I say...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Really Need to Update More Often


Maybe if I had gotten the digital camera that mom had promised me, I'd be more motivated to write this, as it's original purpose was to be a photo blog. Maybe I'll get one for Christmas. Here's hoping, right?

Anywho, school's still going very well. The room is a wreck, but other than that, college remains a wonderful experience. I've got many great and quirky friends, my classes and professors are awesome, and the workload is, for the most part, manageable. Why "for the most part?" Because I procrastinate like nothing else and still need to read a 300 page book and write a paper over it by next week. I'm not even through chapter 1 (though in my defense,it's 45 pages long.)

Not much else to say, other than I still exist!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Popular Demand

I'm going to attempt to blog some more due to popular demand! Whooo! Or rather, insistent demand by one particular individual who will remain mostly nameless… Chris.

Anywho, here’s the basic rundown on all the important stuff:

Sleep: It’s not that I’m adjusting to living off of less of it… I’ve just learned to rearrange how I get my daily 7-10 hours. Basically, between campaigning, Humans Vs. Zombies, and just general hanging out, I get about 4-5 hours of sleep a night. During the day, however, I take long naps as soon as I get back from class. Fun stuff. On weekends, I basically sleep until 3-4PM.

School/Work: I’m doing pretty well. Still haven’t been able to shake either my procrastination habits or my “ehh, I don’t wanna read the book.” But to be honest, I don’t really have to. I think that if I had a class where I would need to, I would. These are not any of them.

-History: Fun. I enjoy the subject matter. We just got out of the “ancient world” and are getting ready to cover medieval times. Got a B- on the first test because I accidentally missed a class where they were passing out a study guide. I’ll be more careful.
-Art History: Again, love the subject matter. We’re covering ancient Egypt and are getting ready to cover ancient Greece. A- on our first test. Also, got my essay out of the way and now I don’t have to worry about it! Yay!
-Drawing: Pretty good. Got my first real take-home project. It’s a self-portrait. Yuck. I hate self-portraits. But I’m slowly starting to befriend people in the class. Apparently my snaky comments are appreciated there.
-Foundations: Probably my least favorite class. It’s very annoying and we don’t do much in the way of “fun.” But I enjoy talking to some of the people in there. I think my biggest issue is that it’s at 8am.
-Art Orientation: Hit or miss, really. Can be boring as heck or really interesting.
-Math: Not exactly “fun,” but I’m doing pretty well in it.

Social Life
It’s filled with geekiness. I’m either hanging out and having a laugh riot with Celeste (my wonderful roomie) and Courtney (my wonderful “second roomie,”) playing World of Darkness with Jesse, Ryan, Collin, Liz, and sometimes Caleb and Claire (it’s loads of fun,) or participating in Humans Vs. Zombies training missions and such (it starts this Thursday. I’m slightly terrified a little bit.) I’m pretty proud with how I’m holding up so far. I’m not as n00bish as I thought and even if I do get tagged, I enjoy being a zombie, so it won’t be so bad.

Haven’t done much in the way of socializing outside of that. Every Thursday I go to Ballroom Dancing for an hour, and it’s pretty fun, but I haven’t gone to a single party or a single game (and today’s homecoming!) I’m pretty content where I am socially, however.

All in all, for anyone who is wondering, college has been a vastly positive experience for me and I am enjoying it quite a bit. 8)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Second Day of Classes

Day 2 of Freshman Classes

8-10:45 AM: Foundations I:

The main fault of this class is that it starts at 8 in the morning. The instructor is pleasant enough, but it just seems like it's going to be a down class. It's kinda just there. Normally the class is about 3 hours long, but we got out before nine (being syllabus day and all.) So, I ended up going back to the room and sleeping until 10:30ish. I was super tired and had a horrible headache.

11-11:50 AM: Art Orientation:

Ehhhh...this definitely does not seem to be a difficult class by any stretch of the imagination. However, on the flip side of that, it doesn't seem like it's going to be very interesting at all. Kind of a "So, you're an art major. Here's what you can do, etc." Still feeling sick and headachy at this point.

3:30-4:45 PM: Math Applications:

Totally was expecting the worst of this class, being math and all. However, the professor (who's from Bangladesh) is super friendly and nice, the other students seem to be relatively down-to-earth, unlike most of my other classmates. We all seem to know that we're going to be going through this together. Though the professor assured us that he wasn't going to be teaching anything on the first day, he got distracted and started telling us how Social Security numbers are organized. It was actually very interesting.

Between Art Orientation and Math Apps, I made myself a pot of coffee, so my headache is barely there anymore, but my morning was pretty miserable. 8(

Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of Classes

I'm copying/pasting from my Facebook so I can at least pretend that I keep up with this blog...

Day 1 of Freshman Classes

10-10:50 AM: Western History:

So, going in, I had no idea what the heck to expect from this teacher (who vaguely resembles Patrick Stewart.) He started off the class by explaining that he was Russian-Ukranian and that he loved music: The Beatles, Talking Heads, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, and various classical composers. He also mentioned both Queen and Bowie during the class, so extra points for him. Then, he showed a small clip from the 1970s Jesus Christ Superstar. He then discussed how throughout the class, he was going to relate our lessons to music and song throughout before giving us a few notes. I already love this class. Sergei is a very quirky and interesting professor and I am very excited to have him.

11-11:60 AM: Art History:

Aside from saving nearly $150 thanks to Ariel dumping one of her old books on me, I wasn't sure what the Art History class was going to be like. First thing I noticed was the professor. The only way I can think of to describe him is an Amish Lawn Gnome. This is by no means a bad thing. I was completely fascinated just by watching him walk around and talk. He looked as if he should have been teaching at Hogwarts.
The one issue with this class, however, is that it consists of a bunch of people who acted like condescending bastards. Not all of them, mind you, but many of them. 8(

12-2:50 PM: Drawing I with:

So, I get up to the classroom and there are a bunch of other art majors gathered around the closed door, waiting to be let in. One of them with a tote bag goes up and unlocks the door. I did a double take. People told me that some of the instructors might be younger, but I truly and genuinely thought this man was a student. He looked like he was in his late teens-early 20s. He was also moderately attractive and one of two males in the entire classroom. I fear there may be a bit too much estrogen ahead of me.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Well, yesterday while I was typing up my blog, Jesse and Liz were hiding from the rain. All the while, I could only think of how grateful I was that I moved in early. During the entire 3-5pm time schedule I was supposed to show up, it was pouring rain. Yay for earliness.

After the rain let up, Jesse and I ran (or rather, casually sauntered) over to Woodworth to get some food-stuffs. I had a yummy yummy turkey wrap and some iced tea. Om nom nom. Then we went to Wal Mart to pick up some shower shoes and miscellaneous hoo-ha.

Last night, however, was very, very comfortable. I had no problem getting to sleep and only woke up once around 4 am to go pee. Holy cow, I've been drinking water almost non-stop since I've gotten here. I guess that's a good thing, but wow, I've never willing drunk so much water and actually felt like I needed it so much before. WATER=AWESOME!

Right now, I'm just trying to contact one of the other art majors I've been talking to via-Facebook. Maybe go out to get some lunch or something.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

As Promised...

Okay, so I said that I'd make a blog for today and I will stand by that. Unfortunately, I have yet to own a camera, but I'm sure that pictures will come soon enough.

Not too much to say other than we're basically moved in, I've got my books, and I'm enjoying myself thus far. Well, okay, I also got lunch at BW3s, which was AWESOME.

Sooo that's about it.

Exciting times, aren't they?